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Reliable computer operation has become vital to many segments of our daily lives. This is especially true in critical defense and industry applications where even momentary interruptions of computer functions can cost lots of money or even endanger lives.">

Integrating Computing, Power & Cooling into One Rugged Portable System:

  • Durable rugged
  • Several sizes available
  • Available in desert tan, or
       optionally in black or olive
  • Internal shock mounted
Case Covers
  • Durable Construction
  • Watertight Seals
  • Folding Handles for 2 man lift
  • Quick release clasp closures
  • Covers store on side of case
        when not in use
  • 2U rugged Mil Spec®
  • Four hot swappable hard
  • Various configurations &
       specifications available
  • 2U rugged Mil Spec® UPS
  • Continuous power conditioning
  • Global wide range AC input
  • Continuous computer grade
       AC output
  • Eliminates ALL power
Rack Mount
  • Entire Equipment Rack
  • Individual rackmount units
       can have own slides & slide
       out separat
  • Easy maintenance or
       replacement of components
  • Provides continuous power
       during brownout & blackout
  • Hot swappable drawer for
        quickreplacement in the field
  • Lead Acid or Lithium Ion
  • Other battery types optional

In Summary

Core Systems and ETI have partnered to create a cutting edge computing solution for users in harsh environments. Combining rugged high-performance computers and high reliability power conditioning with temperature and humidity control in deployable shock-isolation cases provides the ultimate solution for operating vital equipment in challenging tactical situations.

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